Are you a YouTuber looking for a way to sort long video takes? well look no further, we have the answer for you!


Video Take Professional

Are you a Video Producer looking to sort through multiple different takes of a video?
Or are you simply a Content Creator who made a few bad takes on their video?

Well, Look no further!

Video Take Professional Has you Covered!

We’ve developed a program that can ease the burdon of having to stop what you’re doing to record an entirely new video.
Gone are the days of having 40 different recordings labeled “Take1”, “Take2”
With Video Take Professional, You can now seemlessly mark your recordings live within the timeline.

Simply slide the slider, you will hear a series of beeps. These beeps are meant to appear in your video editing software.
They appear in your timeline as a series of long, sharp beeps. You can cut these out, and simply continue your content creation from there.

It’s full-proof, and fun!

Professional VS Freeware

Video-Take comes with multiple versions to serve the need of all consumers. There are free versions and paid versions.

  • Video Take Free
    • 20 Takes per page
    • 50 pages in total
    • “Upgrade” button
    • 16 day free trial
  • Video Take Professional
    • 40 takes per page
    • 100 pages in total
    • Recording Elapse Toggle
    • No free trial, unlimited usage
    • One-time payment and it’s forever yours


  • “Pages” are a set of categories, which allows you to count higher numbers  This is good for if you exceed a single page’s maximum usage.
  • “Takes” are the tones you will hear, which identify the number of takes you have created plus one.
  • “Recording Elapse” is the option to enable a live timer while recording. It is meant to help you locate the exact timestamp of your video. Simply click the black circle, and when done, click the now red circle to save the log.
  • “Free Trial” is limited to 16 days. The professional version has no free trials and lasts forever.

Buy Now For Only $5!
Or Download the Free Version Here

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