SkyeMorse Privacy Policy


SkyeMorse and (RendoSoft, Rendosoft) are referred to as “We, Us, Our App”
Users and customers (You) are ferred to as “Consumer, Customer, You, They, User”

Privacy Disclaimer

We do not knowingly collect user data, all user data is unintentionally collected. Collection of this type of data could’ve been from other sources that may connect to the internet. For example, Google Ads will connect to the internet, Please abide by Google INC Privacy Policy.

Protecting Children

Our app is not designed for children. It is meant for a general audience of those who are 13 years or older.

We will delete whatever data we may have collected from your children, if you suspect we have collected data of your children, please email us at our support email:

[email protected]

Data that we collect

We do not knowingly collect any data, our apps are not designed to collect data from our users.